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Deciding to buy a property is one of the most important decisions of life. Buying or investing in such properties involves a lot of factors to think on which finally leads to whether it is relevant to buy the property or not. Properties are generally based n factors like emotions, Family bonds and future development/demand especially in countries like India where every product and brand is bound to certain sentimental values and meeting to such requirements is generally a task to suppliers.

It is when you decide to buy, you get into a dilemma of owning an under construction or a ready to move in one. Thus, either which way it is quite obvious to get into a lot of options and get yourself into a box while choosing what is right. if you are looking for just investment and to earn huge profits with passive income, then we have got something for you! Read on to know more.

Bangalore we today recognise it as a great and perfect city to reside in with great potential to own a property could be residential or commercial. It is one such city where properties are in vast and massive length with great demand for the same. Speaking of the value, the city offers a great resale value as it has always witnessed a rise in the market value from the beginning. Such highest potential for the realty sector based on its population and preference is infused with the technology and development which makes the city the best place to live in the world!

Now considering the valuation and future estimation fo the property, Under construction properties in Bangalore have recently gained a lot of traction. If still this puts you in a dilemma, we are here with the top reasons as to why investing in an under construction property to be a boon to you. Here are a few top reasons for the same;

    1. Cheaper and cost effective than the actual value

    2. Offers flexibility and ease during payment

    3. Under construction means considerable customisation!

    4. Offers and discounts

    5. High appreciation

    1. Cheaper and cost effective than the actual value: An under construction property is likely priced lesser than the actual value. The more people invest in such properties, the more likely it is for them to experience a fruitful return because of the discounts, the urgency of builders and the need to complete the project sooner. if you are worried about the safety and timely deliver of the same let me tell you that if the property you are interested in is approved by RERA then you don't have to worry about fraudulent activities or such as it is undoubtedly a trust worthy venture. If the builders fail to deliver on time, they have to compensate the whole amount back to the investors.

    2. Offers flexibility and ease during payment: This is ideally good for those who cannot afford to pay the whole amount at once. Investing in an under construction property starts with spending within 15% of the property value before the overall construction. If you are looking for loan options you have the feasibility to get the loan instantly which motivates the builder to complete the project soon. In certain cases, Bank loans are subjected to initiate its repayment via EMIs only from the date of occupancy of the property.

    3. Under construction means considerable customisation: Under construction properties are generally still in some stage of the property construction and if you have invested in any of such properties, you are more likely privileged to experience a great chance to customise the property as per your convenience! You can get the interiors changed or even the wall paints, structure, size width of rooms, hall, balconies, etc. Unlike other ready to move in properties in Bangalore, you won't be bound to a limited exposure of architecture as per their plans. So here it is a cherry on the cake for those who love personalising things as per their convenience. Even the quality of construction can be ascertained and modified the way you require. So yes, Considering this points it surely will carry not only the aesthetic value but also the emotional weightage on a positive note.

    4. Offers and discounts: It is a task to get discounts on a ready to move in properties unless the market is down or something like the current pandemic hits the economy globally. However, in case of under construction properties, in order to promote the ongoing venture, builders generally promote their under constructions in the best way possible to get good investment and genuine numbers looking forward to the construction of the property. This will also help them to speed up their construction plan and get it delivered within the promised possession date. Thus, offers like the early bird offer, Interiors at 50% and many such things are at the table to choose from while you are just planning to buy the property. Many freebies and coupons are also encouraged to be provided like gold coins, travel coupons, Air conditioners, etc.

    5. High appreciation: By being a buyer of an under construction property you are more bound to experience a great amount of appreciation on your property if it is registered as per the market value. In cities like Bangalore, market value of properties have only been excelling to high ends. Since you are buying at a lower cost you cn expect a higher appreciation which is technically based on the actual value of the property price. Precisely, only this one factor wont ascertain a great appreciation. You need to be sure to look into the factors like location, future scope, connectivity, upcoming infrastructure, etc. and such aspects that could lead to a higher appreciation which could make it a popular piece of art for many striving to grab it.

All this was about the scope of buying under construction properties. Precisely by now you should know that they are comparatively cheaper and if this fascinates you then what I am going to be saying would excite you more. Bangalore is the best locality to invest as it guarantee high safety, security with a smart decision to rely on. 

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